What is the goal of Spirituality?

The moment we hear the term ‘Spirituality’, our mind starts conjuring up ideas that we or our society has fed into us. For some of us it comes across like a finer version of religion, for some it is breaking away from the ritualistic clutches of religion and therefore all about challenging it. Some say […]

What is Truth? Why do we fail to see it?

    There is a Sufi proverb, “It’s not about what you call it. It’s about what it is.” Caught in our belief systems, conditioning and Missing the objectivity, what we manage to see is not the actual reality (Truth) but rather a psychological reality or our image of the reality (a limited and contaminated […]

That less aspirational, much needed Spiritual Journey.

Modern man with all the material progress at his disposal, to help him live a rich, easy and secure life, is finding it difficult to manage the stress, unfulfillment and perpetual sense of insecurity, his lifestyle brings along, as a baggage. If he listens to his ‘heart’, which looks for peace, fulfillment, connection and ignores […]

The Transformative power of Love (Ishq)

‘Ishq'(Love) is the most oft repeated word in Sufi circles. It is so common a word that it sounds like a cliche whenever somebody mentions it. This article is an attempt to explore and dig deeper to understand ‘Ishq’ a little better. Saints have been hinting at this from time to time using different words […]