‘You read 1000 books and never find time to read yourself,
You rush to temple and mosque but never enter your mind.’
said a saint of Punjab, nearly 250 years ago. This couplet stands more true in today’s scenario than at that time.
Today we are flooded with content; both online and offline, day in and day out. The inboxes, mailboxes, timelines, tweets, posts, blogs, forums, groups…and the list goes on… are continuously seeking our attention, so much so that we are expected to be a 24X7 species these days. We struggle to pull out time to relax and sleep, from our so called weekend to weekend busy schedules. All this gives way to motivation drain and dipping energy levels… We interpret these signs as time to watch some motivational videos or buy the fresh self help book, that everybody is talking about.
Friends, may I suggest a new reading, you can try this Sunday. Which, like most of the motivational books, doesn’t validate and propel you in the same direction you’re already going. But gives you a fair picture of where you stand in life right now. What are your deepest desires, that can help you find the real joy that you’re seeking? Spend this weekend understanding your own conditionings, concepts you’ve taken as truth, questioning your beliefs, prejudices, envies, grudges, the limitations of what you put in your good box/ bad box, your fears, your ambitions, your desires, your needs, your wants, your peace, your balance, your reactions… even your thoughts. Basically, spend some time on understanding, why you behave the way you behave. What are your core desires? Where do you lose our happiness? How do you manage to eventually attract it back? This is by far the best of all readings that you can do. I’m not promising miracles but this may prove to be a step in the right direction. (If you’re not already conditioned enough, to challenge even this idea). Wish you a great weekend!